Thriving. Refreshing. Alive.

Chakra inspired fermented kombucha tea brewed with loving intention. Natural, raw, full of love and sparkling spirit  ~ to help us feel full of life ~

"The unique factor is that Sajiva focuses not only on the benefits Kombucha has for the mind and body… but also the spirit."


More than Probiotics

At Sajīva we give everything we have to make the best tasting and highest quality Kombucha for a happier and healthier gut. We believe that everything and everyone is connected, the trees, the soil, every animal and every human being. In today's fast paced life, too often we are disconnected from nature. We created Sajīva Kombucha to energize and harmonize all of the bodies energy points or chakras. Seven chakras, seven blends. Plus one to honour the individual uniqueness and expression in all of us, and one to remind us of the value of the present moment.  Let there be life, let there be health! 


Full of Life

Sajīva (pronounced sa jee va) literally means FULL OF LIFE.  Sajīva Kombucha Sparkling beverage is full of healthy life and delivers life directly to the core of the body, the gut! Nourishing for your life long health and taste buds!